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UCLA Extension Visual Arts offers individual courses in design, user experience, art history, photography, and fine art. In addition, we offer certificate programs in Design Communication Arts, Print, Web, and Photography. The majority of our courses are open enrollment.

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The Colors of the Flood: Joe Blaustein’s Photos of the Flood of the Arno

In November 1966, Florence, Italy experienced a catastrophic flood. The Arno River overflowed, killing over a hundred people and damaging thousands of priceless works of art.

Joe Blaustein, who teaches in our studio arts program, was living in Italy during the time of the flood. His color pictures, from the immediate aftermath, have been included in an upcoming book The Colors of the Flood. The book will be published shortly, but in the meantime, take a look at some images. Joe and his family are featured in the first one.

Congrats to Joe on this remarkable historical record, and his recognition from the city of Florence! You can see more information on the site The Florence Flood.

Flood 2Flood 1Flood 3 Flood 4