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Course Spotlight: Advanced Typography

All-star DCA instructor Andrew Kutchera recently took some time out of his busy schedule to let us behind the curtain on his Advanced Typography course:

Why is this course important for my design education?

Typography is a significant part of what designers tackle with every project. Graphic design, in the most fundamental sense, is a combination of images and words, so one could say that 50% of our job is to work with type.

What will I take away from this course?

You’ll have a chance to explore typography in its many applications. In one project, you will work with a neighborhood name (examples in the gallery below) to see how you can convey the complexity of a place using different letterforms. In another assignment, you will work with a phrase to see how you can add additional meaning through type choice and arrangement of words. You will also explore ways to structure larger amounts of text – along with pull quotes and a title – in a magazine spread.

Different amounts of text require different approaches, and you will discover that each is a skill within a larger skill-set called typography. In the end you, you will feel confident that your typographic solutions are sophisticated because you will have the deftness to explore a range of solutions.

Click here to enroll in Advanced Typography this fall.


Course Spotlight: Package Design

One of our most popular electives is Package Design, where students bring all they’ve learned in the core courses to create innovative, problem-solving designs that strengthen their portfolios.

Instructor John Beach gave us some more insight into the course.

Why is this course important for my design education?

Package Design is a crucial element in the completion of your design education. It’s one of the final steps in understanding what branding is and how it directly effects the consumers process in making a choice of what products to buy, own, eat, or use. It acts as one of the final ways a producer of products can market their product to consumers.

As designers, it’s important that we help keep the client focused on what elements will ultimately make the product memorable, and under the best of circumstances, coming back for more! This course also further explores how typography, color and image can alter and persuade the consumer decision-making process.

What will I take away from this course?

This course gives a fantastic introduction to the power of strong packaging and branding by taking a look at a multitude of tasks developed to help you gain insight into what makes a great package. We start with an entertainment package. Obviously, this is a huge market in Los Angeles (specifically) and the design field in general. We will explore how to conceptually develop an idea into a container that promotes both the producers vision of their product, but more importantly, a package that the consumer will find intriguing enough to purchase, take home and use. We will explore the various methods used to design packaging. We will digitally render the first assignment.

The second assignment will be a hand building experience. Working with different substrates and templates we will explore the relationship between packaging and the presentation of food products and the challenges a specialty food product presents.

For the third exercise, we take a look at line extensions and what happens when you have multiple elements to package together. We combine vessels such as glass and plastic with paper, wood or cardboard, or if you choose, you can explore what happens in the sporting goods world when you have a product line with different sized items, and what is the best way to solve those issues.

The beauty of this class is that it gives you the opportunity to tailor your experience with directions in packaging you are most interested in. We will of course look at how packaging is changing in today’s post consumer waste world and how different elements can be altered or explored to make your solutions have smaller footprints within global consumer waste issues.

The spring quarter section of Package Design begins April 5th.

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