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Course Spotlight: Advanced Typography

All-star DCA instructor Andrew Kutchera recently took some time out of his busy schedule to let us behind the curtain on his Advanced Typography course:

Why is this course important for my design education?

Typography is a significant part of what designers tackle with every project. Graphic design, in the most fundamental sense, is a combination of images and words, so one could say that 50% of our job is to work with type.

What will I take away from this course?

You’ll have a chance to explore typography in its many applications. In one project, you will work with a neighborhood name (examples in the gallery below) to see how you can convey the complexity of a place using different letterforms. In another assignment, you will work with a phrase to see how you can add additional meaning through type choice and arrangement of words. You will also explore ways to structure larger amounts of text – along with pull quotes and a title – in a magazine spread.

Different amounts of text require different approaches, and you will discover that each is a skill within a larger skill-set called typography. In the end you, you will feel confident that your typographic solutions are sophisticated because you will have the deftness to explore a range of solutions.

Click here to enroll in Advanced Typography this fall.


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