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Feb. 15th | Amanda Keller Konya @ West Gallery


Amanda Keller Konya, Federal Building, Downtown Los Angeles

Heist, an exhibition of new work by photographer and instructor Amanda Keller Konya opens Saturday, Feb. 15th at the West Gallery, Cal State Northridge.  Taking Millard Sheets’ commissioned mosaics for Southern California banks from 1954 to 1975 as her subject, Heist “offers viewers a selective and cropped view of the subject matter represented within these tiles, such as: depictions of power, labor, manifest destiny, the nuclear family, scientific and technological progress and the California Dream.”

The titles locate each work, positioning the exhibition within the Southern California landscape as well as pointing to the repurposed buildings “prettified by each mosaic.”   As writer Michelle Weiner explains, a viewer “considers the formal attributes, the location, the socio-economical history and significance of the subject matter.  However, it is within this subject matter, specifically its making a spectacle of the other, which leads the viewer to conclude Keller Konya is not only depicting but deconstructing the myth of the Southern California landscape through these various architectural, ornamental mosaics.”  Keller Konya has digitally captured the images, which are then printed at 7″ x 5″ size on fiber based silver gelatin paper.

February 15 – March 6
Opening Reception | Saturday, Feb. 15th 4 – 7pm

West Gallery
Cal State Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA, 91330-8299


Amanda Keller Konya, Police Department, Culver City, CA


For more information, please visit the Cal State Northridge Galleries website.

Photography at UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension photography courses provide an opportunity for adults of all backgrounds and experience levels to study photography in a structured classroom setting, producing weekly creative assignments which are critiqued by the instructor and fellow students.  Most of our classes meet during the evening or on weekends. While we offer intermediate and advanced level courses, many students come to us because they own a DSLR and want to learn to use it more confidently and effectively.

For a list of fall quarter course offerings (beginning Sept. 21), click here.

Most students start out with Photography I (we offer several sections each quarter). The class is appropriate for people who have never picked up a camera before, but also for those who may have been shooting on their own for a while but want to have a better understanding of how to achieve successful images. Class cover aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, focus, ISO, file management (including coverting files, tagging, file batching and archiving), basic lighting skills (including contrast, direction, color, white balance, histogram) and composition (including framing and perspective).

There are twelve meetings in total. The goal is for students to get comfortable shooting totally on manual, and manipulating various elements in their photography.

Students can take classes individually, but we also offer a Certificate in Photography. It’s a ten course program that includes work in portraiture, lighting, history, and concept development, and concludes with a final portfolio-building workshop and review. The schedule is flexible – students have two years to complete the program, and can take courses in any order and at the pace that suits them. The certificate, like our courses, is open enrollment, so there is no official application process; anyone who is interested in completing it can enroll.

For questions about our program, e-mail photography@uclaextension.edu, or call (310) 206-1422.

Images by instructor Craig Havens.



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