Student work: John Candland

WK11_C5_Candland_John - Cookies_Page_1It’s always exciting when students let their playfullness and originality shine through in a project. Student John Candland did just that in the course Icons, Logos, and Logotype Design. Not only did he animate his logo, but he also created a version out of cookies! Talk about an unforgettable interview leave-behind. John shared more with us:

WK11_C5_Candland_John - Cookies_Page_2 
What was your inspiration for this project?

Candland Connection was a logo design for my own hypothetical, future business with services including public relations, social media, web design, etc.  Something that I’m passionate about is authentic, open communication and “connection” between people.  That’s where the puzzle pieces concept came together.  Each of the puzzle pieces represents a person, and when they come together, each person is holding another person in their arms.  I believe that as humans, we feel incomplete until we “connect” our authentic, true self with others whom we “fit” together with.

Can you tell us what your process was like? 

I drew several thumbnail sketches for the logo options.  My instructor, Shirin Raban, and fellow students agreed that this concept was my strongest.  I created the logo in Illustrator, and used feedback from Shirin to tweak the shapes and the colors, and keep the concept simple.  (I had though about putting faces on the puzzle pieces).   Shirin had taught us about animated logos which made a lot of sense to me since so much of modern communication is online, it’s a great way to make a logo pop.

Here’s one of my earlier drafts:


Great work, John!

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