Student Work: Candice Grant

Check out this exceptional work by DCA student Candice Grant in the course Branding: Icons, Logos, and Identity Systems (online) with instructor Shirin Raban:

How I went about creating my designs:

When I created the logo mark for Raincity Grill I took into consideration the restaurant
environment, location and I applied a clean, modern logo. When researching the current
Raincity Grill I noticed that it needed to reflect a fresh, modern concept. I applied my
designed logo mark to a billboard, coasters and invitation.

In designing the Raincity Grill logo type I wanted a similar style which reflected the logo mark,
clean lines and modern concepts. This would represent a signature style for Raincity Grill. I
therefore applied a logo type to outdoor signage, napkins and their menu:

The 227 Spice Shop logo mark designs were based on researching the Ancient Greek
communication system and Brail. My design concepts consisted of lines and shapes which
reflected the Ancient Greek culture. In creating the 227 Spice Shop I researched Greece and
found that there are 227 inhabited islands in existence. In developing the symbols, I created a
visual presentation of words to express the meanings, which were applied with the logo mark
to paper shopping bags, spice bag packaging and an outdoor signage.

In designing the logo mark/type for the Raincity Grill and 227 Spice Shop, I’m able to adjust
the color range to suit each environment.

–Candice Grant

Excellent work, Candice!

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