Sensing and Wearables

The Maker and DIY movements are seeing exploding adoption by artists and designers. A quick look at sites like Kickstarter demonstrate the breadth of products and inventions–everything from robotics to new product launches and art pieces that sense and react to the environment. Arduinos, programming, soldering, and electronics are all simpler than they look and within your grasp. In our Art and Electronics course, you’ll be guided through the selection and construction of your own project, with tutorials and lectures tailored to the specific interests of the class. You’ll leave class with a working project that incorporates bits, electrons, and art.

Sensing describes the ability to collect data on the use of your design, and in turn program the design to respond to that use (think of a Fitbit, tracking daily calories burned, sleep, and weight).  Other applications might include the weight sensor in a car which determines whether or not to activate an airbag, or colorful floor sensors that change and interact as you move through space. Sensing has applications in technology, architecture, design, and other fields.

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Art and Electronics

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