Poster Design Opportunity: Stand With Ukraine

L to R: design by Ghazal Hosseini, Iran / Anett St. Esther, Hungary / Tomaso Marcolla, Italy

Olga Severina, who will soon join the ranks of the internationally-renowned designers in our UCLAx cover series, tells us more about this important opportunity:

What’s your connection to the Stand With Ukraine curated poster series on Posterterritory?

I am a Ukrainian-born graphic designer, curator, and lecturer. For half of my life, I was involved with poster art exhibitions and events in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2010, I founded, a take-off platform for graphic design campaigns and poster shows all over the globe. Last fall, I was invited to teach a DMA UCLA course “Social and Environmental poster – Zone of Experiment.” I am also a member of the Graphic Design Association The 4th Block, founded by my professor and good friend Oleg Veklenko. 

Following the terrible events that plunged Ukraine into darkness, the “Stand With Ukraine” slogan became known around the world. It inspired Oleg Veklenko, who is currently in Kharkiv, hiding in bomb shelters, to create this open-end poster call where artists and designers could tell the world how they feel about this horrifying and devastating war.

What is your hope for the series?

Our hope is to give the voice to the artist, who cannot stay quiet in the face of these atrocities and help this voice reach those who are brainwashed by Putin’s propaganda machine. People are free to download and share these posters. This week one of the posters will be a cover for the “Capital” economic magazine in Germany. Anything we can do to help stop this war!

If you are interested, my brother and I are working with an association that helps Ukrainian refugees resettle and help anyone in need with medications, food, and other basic necessities. Here is the link:

Thank you, Olga.

Students can access the curated series here, including instructions on how to submit your own poster design:

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