Oil Painting in the Style of the Venetian Masters

This fall, instructor Tom Garner is back with his unique and challenging course, Oil Painting in the Style of the Venetian Masters. The course is designed to introduce students to the academic tradition of Western art. Students paint a copy from a master, a portrait, and a live model. The instructor will mentor the students according their level of experience and artistic objectives. Students build artistic strengths in the time-honored spirit of the artists’ atelier.

Garner Portrait

Instructor Tom Garner


Garner Sample 2

Painting by instructor Tom Garner


Students in this course work hard, learn historic techniques, and produce some authentic and stunning final pieces. They are often featured in our student show.


Painting by student Rosemary Aguayo

Click here to see the course syllabus.

To bring to the first meeting:

1) Two canvas boards 16″ x 20″* toned with a wash of yellow ochre and a touch of burnt umber tinned with Gamsol (or turpentine) (see Amore.PDF for a sample view.) They must must be completely DRY for class time. If you don’t have enough drying time use acrylic paint thinned with water.

2) A couple of medium sized bristle Filbert brushes about #8 (1/2″).

3) oil paint: Lead or titanium white, burnt umber, and ivory black

4) A small painting palette

5) Gamsol (turpenoid)

6) pencil

This is for some initial exercises we will do the first day

During our orientation discussion I will go over the complete list of required and optional materials for this course.

*It is also a good idea to paint 2 or 3 coats of gesso over your canvas, sanding lightly between each coat. Store bought canvases are usually too rough (too much tooth) for our needs.

Garner sample

Painting by Tom Garner



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