Matheus Spinelli on His Getty Design Studio Placement

What’s it like to do a studio placement at the Getty Museum Design Studio? UCLA Extension DCA certificate students have the unique privilege of being able to apply for this opportunity on a quarterly basis. Fall 2014 appointee Matheus Spinelli chats with us about his experience:


Studio placement work by Matheus Spinelli

What projects did you work on during your placement? What did you find rewarding about them?

I worked on real projects with all 10 designers at the studio. I collaborated on typesetting labels (including the new 65 million dollars Manet – simple, but exciting); created a new option for the Van Gogh’s irises poster; improved the standards for self guides educational sheets; all communication assets for the Getty Villa’s College Night event; helped improve the visitor experience map creating icons and tracing visitors path through the Getty Center and collaborated in the digital user experience creating user interface.  All under supervision and support of amazing, well established designers. It is fulfilling to be trusted with certain jobs in a highly respected institution such as the Getty.

What was it like being in a real design studio after being in the classroom for your DCA training?

It was an essential part of my training. I got to know a lot of tricks, methods, practices that I could only learn because of this period at the studio. The DCA program gave me the knowledge that made me feel confident around the studio, understand what I was being asked to do and, best of all, I was capable of developing every project that was put on my plate.

What will you take away from this experience that will serve you in your future design career?

Serious deadlines, simplified creative process, working as a team, respecting everyone, not being afraid to say “I can do it”, asking for feedback. Cutting, gluing, Mac and Adobe tricks and shortcuts, good ideas and conversations.3

I believe that being part of a place like the Getty, being around amazing professionals, having feedback from them on my work, and collaborating on their work is irreplaceable. And I need to give credit to the place itself! What an inspiring place to work with design, surrounded by art, architecture and amazing views of Los Angeles! All this will influence my career a lot and be in my memories.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Matheus! Best of luck.

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