Interview with Recent DCA Graduate Kristopher Bicknell

Congratulations to recent DCA graduate Kris Bicknell! You can view his work along with other outstanding DCA graduate portfolios in our gallery. He tells us more about his experience below:

Kris Bicknell

Tell us how you got interested in design and what brought you to the DCA program.

My background is in theatre, and I started doing graphic design years ago out of necessity. Working on small theatrical productions, there was always a need for people with extra skills, and I usually ended up volunteering to make a poster for the show. Over the years, more and more people started asking for my help with graphic design for their productions, then their personal brands, then their small businesses etc. And as I did all that work, my passion for graphic design grew. I finally reached a point where a career change to graphic design felt imminent. But I was mostly self-taught and felt like I could use some more formal training. Enter the DCA program, stage left. I had taken some other one-off courses and online bootcamps, etc., but this program fit the bill in terms of course offerings, flexibility (I took all my classes online), and getting to walk away with a certificate.

What were your favorite courses and why?

I took two motion graphics courses with David Dodds that were excellent. David is an engaging and delightful teacher, and prior to the courses I didn’t have much of an interest in motion graphics, but the coursework helped me realize that motion is a completely natural fit for my background in theatre. I got to use storytelling techniques and design together in a whole new way.

The Mentorship course is also an amazing opportunity to focus on an aspect of your work that you want to focus on, and to get one-on-one personalized feedback from an industry professional. I can’t recommend highly enough that folks find a teacher to do that with. I did mine with John Beach, and he helped me grow and find my voice as a designer.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?

My goal is to keep exploring the intersection of theatre/storytelling and graphic design, and in five years I’d like to be working full-time as a freelance designer in theatre, film, and TV.

Congratulations, Kris!

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