Recent DCA grad Heather Malone lands full-time position at BLT

Design by Heather Malone (see below for more)

Design by Heather Malone (see below for more)

Congratulations to Heather Malone, who recently accepted a full-time position as junior designer in the home entertainment dept. of BLT Communications! Projects she works on include DVD packaging, point of purchase displays and signage, advertising for DVD releases, and any other collateral needed in regards to home entertainment.

How did Heather go from DCA student to full-time designer? She expressed interest in working at BLT to her instructor, Jag, and sought his advice about what they might be looking for in an applicant. When an internship opportunity opened up, Jag contacted her to let her know it was available and how to apply. Heather interned for 3 months and then was offered a full time position.

She tells us more about her DCA experience below:

How did the program help you land a job you’re excited about?

The program provided me with some great classes that enabled me to create strong portfolio pieces. It also gave me access to some spectacular teachers who not only helped prepare me for the job search and interview process but were also great resources in connecting me with the opportunities I was looking for.


What was your favorite class and why?

I had two favorite classes – Design II: Collateral Communication and Entertainment Design. I loved Design II because we were able to create a brand from start to finish. The logo, the letterhead, and any collateral were all for us to decide, which really allowed for unhindered creativity and the opportunity to explore different design methods. Entertainment design was also a favorite because it allowed for a concentration on entertainment. I have always enjoyed movie posters and DVD packaging, and this class allowed me to not only explore this type of design, but provided me with the opportunity to learn more about this niche in the design world. It also played a huge role in getting me the job I have now.

As a designer, what does a potential project need to have for you to feel passionate about it?

The first initial spark of inspiration is what ignites my passion for a project. When a project is first presented and I begin to brainstorm ideas, I love that “aha” moment, as you can start to see how exciting the end result can be.

dotmatrix_typeface_hmaloneAny last advice for prospective students considering taking the leap into the DCA program?

It is important to really take advantage of the time you have there. The teachers are great resources and can provide valuable insight into the industry and your work. It is also important to take every project seriously, as they will become crucial to building a strong portfolio.


hobbit_hmaloneCongratulations again, Heather!!

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