Interview with Recent DCA Graduate Charlotte Potter

Congratulations to recent Design Communication Arts graduate Charlotte Potter! Charlotte began her UCLA career as an undergrad, then came back to UCLAx to earn her DCA certificate. She tells us more about her experience below:

Tell us how you got interested in design and what brought you to the DCA program.

After earning a degree in International Development Studies from UCLA, I gravitated instead toward positions that drew on my longtime love of art and design. From assisting in set dressing on television shows, to designing merchandise for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to creating the brand identity for my own sustainability business; I loved the creative processes involved in each. I started taking classes in graphic design on Skillshare and watching Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials on YouTube and pretty quickly fell in love. I knew it was the direction I wanted to take my career in so I enrolled in the DCA program to get a more structured education.

What were your favorite courses and why?

Typography and Design IV: Capstone. Apart from the excellent teacher I had for Typography (Grace Magnus!), what I loved most was exploring typefaces throughout history and learning all the basic rules when it comes to setting type. I knew very little about grid systems, kerning, leading, or tracking before the course so it was fun to see how much my designs improved after learning some of those basics.

I also really liked Design IV: Capstone (again, in huge part because of such a great instructor, Pash). But also because it was such a good experience getting to work in a group on a single project that spanned the whole quarter. We really learned how to refine both our designs and our presentation skills. I received some of the most helpful advice for my future design career from that final course.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?

In five years, I see myself working as an in-house graphic designer collaborating alongside other talented, driven designers, creating innovative assets for a mission-driven brand. As I begin my job search, one of my main goals is to find an inspiring team that I can learn from. Eventually, I see myself moving towards freelance work and focusing on branding.

Congrats again, Charlotte!

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