Interview with recent DCA grad Danielle Danaher

“The DCA program has truly been life changing for me as I hope it is for others.”ssr5
Danielle Danaher 

Danielle did the entirety of her DCA coursework online from her home in upstate New York. It’s a pleasure to see how her work is influenced by her community. She sat down to field a few questions for us about her experience:

What brought you to the DCA program?
I’ve always loved to be creative and to build different things, I was the kid picking up the scrap pieces of material from my father’s construction sites to see what I could build with it.  Although my love of digging in the dirt has diminished somewhat as I’ve aged, my love of being creative is stronger than ever.  I went to college and majored in what was expected, and took a job doing again what was expected; it made sense at the time. A few years ago it stopped making sense, and I began looking for online design programs from respected, accredited universities.

What were your favorite courses and why?
I’d have to say that Logos & Branding and Design II were my favorite courses.  I enjoyed the creative freedom they offered. Although the other courses in the program aided as well, it was these two courses that I think installed in me the confidence and trust in my design, and design decisions.

persp3As a designer, what does a potential project need to have for you to feel passionate about it?
For me it’s a moral voice or message of philanthropy in projects.

If the phone rang right now and somebody offered you your dream design job, who are they, where do they work, and what’s the job?
I’d find my dream job working as a designer or on a design team for a cause like Stand Up to Cancer; an organization fighting a disease responsible for so much devastation.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?
As a designer who’s helped to make a difference through an organization or charity.  One with creative freedom and choice to take on new challenges.unite4


Great work, Danielle!

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