Interview with DCA Graduate Arunima Dhar

What brought you to the DCA program?

Since my childhood I was a very creative cat. I am a kind of person who would like to mess around with little stuffs like colors, paints, glue, etc, and create something new and unique out of it.  I started learning to sketch at a very young age and I kept digging deeper day by day. When I grew up I realized its time for me to go digital and I should create good designs for my living. I love creativity and that’s how I got into this field. I did a post graduation degree in graphic design back in my home country, India. I always wanted to study in an accredited university in the US. DCA program is not where you learn only the tools of graphic design but its a hand on practical training which I really wanted to experience. It helps to think strategically and prepare yourself for a competitive market. That brought me here.

What were your favorite courses and why?f04f3937560483.576f41c6acd05

My favorite courses were Drawing for communication, Design 2, Publication Design and Advanced Typography.I still do remember how Henry used to make us draw a straight line so many times in Drawing for communication class. I love to draw and I enjoyed the class since day 1. Design 2 is  a great course and everyone should take it. After all your hard-work for 12 weeks, the outcome is worth it. You get your own creative freedom and you create something where your both strength and weakness blends. I learned so much in advanced type course that I became interested towards print design I thank my instructor Anya, all the projects she gave us were very interesting I kept improving.

As a designer, what does a potential project need to have for you to feel passionate about it?

I would say a potential project has to be very creative, should have good content, strong ideas and concepts. However I feel its more fun to work on project that you are not aware of. Where there is no idea how to begin or end but you push yourself hard enough to use your strongest skills to create something successfully which you have never done before.

If the phone rang right now and somebody offered you your dream design job, who are they, where do they work, and what’s the job?


My dream job would be to work as a magazine designer at a renowned fashion magazine company. Responsible for creating everything when it comes to designing a beautiful magazine.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working as a digital graphic designer at a hi end fashion jewelry company.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?

I see myself as a senior designer with a lot of experience leading my own team and mentoring aspiring designers.



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