Instructor Spotlight: Michelle Constantine

Michelle Constantine

Michelle Constantine

Many Visual Arts students already know the multi-talented instructor Michelle Constantine from the Mac lab where she teaches InDesign. This fall, we’re excited for her to bring her artistic passion (check out the gallery below!) to the online realm with Mixed Media and Collage for Designers and Artists (Online).  Read on to learn more about her and see samples of her own work:

What brought you to this field?

There wasn’t any specific thing that brought me into the arts, it just came together.
I have always been a maker—I collect things for future projects and meticulously organize until it’s needed. Fabric, glitter, paint, paper, thread, dye, maps, photo gels, books… Collage is about bringing things together that sometimes shouldn’t be. My work is a mix of materials; I use whatever is best for the project.

Tell us about an especially rewarding project you’ve worked on and why you enjoyed it so much.

Early in my career, I was asked to make a mapquilt for a gallery in London. When I arrived for the opening, I was thrilled that my piece had been hung in the window. It was perfectly lit and looked fabulous. Being able to see my work in a presented state is always rewarding.

Why is your course, Mixed Media and Collage for Artists and Designers (online) important for my design education?

Learning how to make things by hand is important and valued in the digital age we live in. In a return to the handmade, understanding how to use a variety of tools and techniques properly makes you more valuable as a designer. There’s a playfulness that comes out when media is mixed.

Do you have a sample assignment?

For the class, you will work on weekly mini projects that serve as explorations of media. You will explore the techniques and mediums shown in the video demo each week. You will also work on personal portfolio pieces throughout the quarter that will grow and evolve as you learn and grow creatively.

Enroll in Mixed Media and Collage for Designers and Artists (Online) today!

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