Immersive Experience Design I

Instructor Jacquelyn Morie

Thursdays, Sept 22 – Dec 8 

9am to 12pm PT

Live on Zoom

Led by instructor Jacquelyn Ford Morie

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Virtual Reality and other forms of immersive media (collectively known as XR) have the potential to enhance people’s lives in innovative and engaging ways. How can creators learn to produce effective and meaningful immersive content? Until now there has not been a good place to learn such techniques.

This class provides a solid foundation for understanding what immersive media is, as well as what it can and might be. Covered topics include the origins and distinctive affordances of immersive media, range of media types, concept generation, character integration, and how to craft an experience to fit specific goals.

Students will be provided an Immersive Design Template to fill out as they develop a concept for a personal Immersive Experience. Techniques to achieve a great experience design are covered and included in the lectures and in the design template.

Students leave the class understanding many important techniques critical to develop quality immersive experiences. An Oculus Quest 2 with 256 GB of storage is required for this course.

Students will be assigned several immersive experiences to try as homework followed by a discussion about those in class.

Guest speakers may contribute to the class throughout the semester.

The final project is a well-crafted immersive design concept, delivered as both a written document and a final slide presentation.

Week 1 Sept 22

Introductions and Goals for the Quarter

Lecture, Discussion: Origins and Types of VR

Lecture, Discussion: Current types of Immersive Media; What makes these types of media examples different from traditional media 

Set up your Oculus Quest 2

Week 2  Sept 29

Lecture, Discussion: What is an experience?

This class presents a look at a continuum of different types of XR media – from storytelling to documentary to brand experiences. From a passive experience where you are just an observer, to full agency where your actions and decisions steer the experience, there is a continuum of interaction that can serve different goals. 

Week 3  Oct 6

Lecture, Discussion: An overview of production for immersive experiences, from the 1990s until present day.

Guest Lecture: Michal Potts from the World Building Class

Week 4 Oct 13

Lectures, Discussion: Considerations for XR (immersive) Design: 3 topics

Topic 1: A first look at design considerations and steering the Experience

Topic 2: Avatars and POV within the experience: What does an Avatar bring to the experience?

Topic 3:Types of viewpoints

Week 5 Oct 20

Lecture, Discussion: Starting to design your own immersive experience. The Immersive Design Template will be introduced.

Additional lecture. Discussion topics: A deeper dive into other characters within your experiences. What does it take to make a virtual human vs an NPC. How can AI characters be utilized to enhance the experience?

Week 6 Oct 27

Lecture, Discussion: More techniques to create a fuller experience

What other tools and techniques are available to get participants to have the experience you want without them feeling coerced or that the experience didn’t really need them. Techniques for more agency.

Week 7 Nov 3

Lecture, Discussion: A variety of current case studies. Guest lecture TBD

Week 8  Nov 10

Lecture, Discussion: What does the world give you?

How does the look and feel of the world affect the participant experience?

A look at existing “metaverses” 

Virtual field trips to various shared immersive worlds

Week 9  Nov 17

Work on final experience design concpets

Lecture, Discussion: Possible Guest Speaker TBD

Week 10  Nov 24

One on one meetings with students to go over your design concepts.

Week 11  Dec 1

Presentations of your immersive design concepts to your classmates

Week 11  Dec 8

Final Class Presentations to industry guests in attendance.

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