Typographic Inspiration in Uncommon Places

“Dot Matrix” alphabet by Aili Schmeltz

 We’re always amazed at how DCA instructor Andrew Byrom finds inspiration for his typographic projects in the most unexpected places, from window blinds, to kites, to furniture.

Judging by the work of his Typography student, Aili Schmeltz, Andrew also instills that sense of wonder and exploration in his students.

Aili writes:

“The assignment was a dot matrix assignment, to make an alphabet out of grids that you see in the everyday world. I decided on paint chips at the Home Depot, I liked the element of color and the challenge of fitting the words into a set boundary. The process was simply of swapping the color swatches around, I did the UCLA in dark chips on the top of the display where the chips were lighter for contrast and vise versa for the Extension word. It took a little bit of time at Home Depot figuring and reconfiguring, all the while explaining to the shoppers and staff what I was doing, a sort of performance piece. When people saw the words they got excited, like they got the joke, they figured it out and were ‘in on it’, it was a fun way to spend an afternoon.”

Last December, we featured another “dot matrix” assignment by Andrew’s former student, Shyh-Shiun Jerry Wang.

Congrats to these innovative students!

2 Responses to “Typographic Inspiration in Uncommon Places”

  1. Andrew Byrom September 18, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    Great work Aili.

    Very proud to see you featured here.


  2. Aili Schmeltz September 19, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Thanks for a great class and being such an inspiring teacher Andrew!

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