DCA Student Releases Typeface Design

Congrats to DCA student Ryan Lyse who, under the guidance of Andrew Kutchera, first in the course Advanced Typography then in a Mentorship, designed and recently released the typeface above, named Portsmouth.

Ryan chatted with us about this accomplishment:

What was your inspiration for this project?

The inspiration came from a logo redesign I did for my Branding and Identity class in the DCA program. I chose to redesign the logo for Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I drew the letters for PORTSMOUTH finding inspiration from the height and strength of old tall ships and trying to bring those characteristics into the typeface. I also wanted it to have a historical feel to reflect the age of the city of Portsmouth.

Can you tell us about the design process?

Almost a year later, after I took Andrew’s Advanced Typography course, I decided to complete the rest of the alphabet outside of the PORTSMOUTH letters just as an exercise in type design. I showed it to Andrew and he suggested we do a mentorship to fully refine it so I worked on it with him for a quarter and finally got it to where it needed to be. Some letters were much easier to refine than others. I think I drew almost 30 Gs and almost 20 Ks and studied close to 100 of each. It was a lot more in depth than I expected but I am happy with how the final product turned out. The biggest revelation for me during the process was just letting the letters be the width they needed to be. The original set followed a strict formula with all the same width which made some letters appear unnatural. I really enjoyed the process and would love to do it again with another typeface.

How did you decide to release it? What was that process like?

I decided to release it because someone saw my Portsmouth type specimen online and asked if they could sell it on their site. Another friend who is a graphic designer, and who has done type design, was also confident it would sell so I figured other designers might want to use it as well. I didn’t have the font file and didn’t know how to create it but Andrew put me in touch with a type designer who is now selling it on the two websites below.

Portsmouth is available for sale here and here.

Congrats again, Ryan!

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