DCA graduate Lina Beijerstam Publishes a Book!

We’re thrilled to share that DCA graduate Lina Beijerstam’s book, Do You Know Where the English Alphabet Comes From? (And All Its 26 Letters) has been published!

Lina writes:

“I started sketching some vectors of the English alphabet. And then I thought, what’s the background story? I’ve always loved books growing up, so I started sketching for a children’s book. I did my research for the text and, together with a woman who is an educator in history, we managed to create a text about the origins of the English alphabet. I think education is so important in life, and the main goal of the book is that it’s educational for both adults and younger. The adult can read it alone or with a child to learn. I thought this was so fun to do…I found a publisher who liked my idea and the book. Together we made some edits to it based on his experience, and I can now call myself a published author.”

You can learn more about Lina and her experience in the DCA program in this interview.

The book is available here and Lina’s design website is here.

Congratulations, Lina!

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