CycLAvia – to the Sea!

Inspired by TEDxUCLA speakers Jimmy Lizama and Bobby “Tall Bike” Gadda I took the plunge and attended my first CycLAvia gathering this past Sunday. Covering fifteen miles from downtown along Venice Boulevard to the sea, it was the most ambitious CycLAvia yet and it was, for me, genius.

David Byrne, in his memoir, Bicycle Diaries, describes how the world looks unique on a bicycle, and, after Sunday’s adventure, I’ve never agreed more. It was fascinating to pedal through neighborhoods I’d only ever before wizzed through at forty miles an hour, encased in a noisy metal box. I paid attention to sights, smells, and fellow Angelenos in a new, more intimate way, and felt a sense of community in my adopted city like never before. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who felt this way – approx. 150,000 people took part, a sign of how invested our community is in alternate forms of transportation. A massive thank you to the CycLAvia organizers! I can’t wait for the next adventure.



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