Course Spotlight: Web Design III: Real World Application

Web design by instructor Mitch Gohman

Web design by instructor Mitch Gohman

In keeping with the ever-evolving industry of web design, instructor and web guru Mitch Gohman sat down to talk to us about  the latest iteration of his course, Web Design III: Real World Application, as well as a bit about his background.

What brought you to this field?

I got into web design because I love puzzles and I love design through limitation. Web Design is one big design problem to solve – and its fun making it work with the ever expanding technologies. Beyond just lighting up – its very rewarding to see a project from both utility and aesthetics.

Tell us about an especially rewarding project you’ve worked on and why you enjoyed it so much.

Recently I have been working on LA Modern Auctions. I have had the privilege of redesigning their auction and lot experience. From navigating the auctions and lots, to archived auctions, to bidding – it has been fun creating something that is so useful while still maintaining the identity LA Modern has established.

Why is your course, Web Design III: Real World Application, important for my design education?

In this class we go beyond the textbook and have you overcome real-world Web Design problems. This promotes your autonomy and has you start looking at how to problem solve websites. Its easy to follow along a tutorial or my prior classes because you get step by step instruction. While this is paramount when you are first learning to expose you to the concepts, nothing is more valuable than learning how to fish for yourself.

Rather than me lecturing on new information all term – you bring in the projects you are assigned and we work them out as a class. Talk about strategy, problem solving, and most importantly – what questions to ask.

We will also be exploring some concepts that I did not get to cover in the first 2 web classes, but this is really not the focus of the course. Its meant to have you stand on your own 2 feet in the web design field.

Do you have a sample assignment?

One of the first assignments you will be given is to translate an existing typographic treatment from an alternate medium (e.g. a magazine, poster). How would you construct the composition, typography, and colors to HTML/CSS/JavaScript? What would change now that its an interactive medium? What would stay the same? Why?

This assignment forces us to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the web medium, and how to overcome common design challenges.

Here is a gallery of recent student work:

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