Course Spotlight: The Moving Image

How Not to be Seen, Hito Steyerl

The Moving Image

How can the moving image be used as an effective medium within the contemporary arts landscape? This course will explore how video and experimental film have been used to create powerful works of art which have the capacity to offer challenging questions and evoke strong emotions. In the course we will discover that just like photography, painting, or sculpture, the moving image has its own set of parameters that artists can utilize for expression and communication. Students will conceptualize and complete at least two new time-based artworks. Screening materials will be provided in advance of class and reading materials will be supplementary to enhance understanding. Discussion and instruction will take place over Zoom.

Dead Forest, Charlie Nijensohn

Format: 11 weeks over Zoom, screenings and readings are provided each week in advance.  Students will complete at least two moving image artworks.  Final Cut Pro X will be taught.  Technicals will cover video production, audio production, editing, temporal manipulation, color correction, masking, and compositing.

Supplemental readings by Vito Acconci, Walter Benjamin, Robert Bresson, Guy Debord, Sergei Eisenstein, Laura Mulvey, Craig Owens, P. Adams Sitney, Hito Steyerl, and Andrei Tarkovsky

Week 1 – Course Introduction

Week 2 – Core Operations, Metaphor, Metonym, Allegory, Symbol, the Sublime and the Beautiful 

Week 3 – Formal Play and Reflections on the Medium

Week 4 – Image – Sound – Time Relations

Week 5 – Theatrical and Anti-Theatrical

Week 6 – Critique, Mining an Archive

Week 7 – Performance

Week 8 – Cinematic Regurgitation and Constructions

Week 9 – (Re)enactments and Theory into Video

Week 10 – Works-in-progress Critique

Week 11 – Final Critique II and Screenings

Led by Justin Serulneck: a research-based artist who uses photography, video, and data to manifest and map relations in the world.

Measures of Distance, Mona Hatoum
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