Course Spotlight: Publication Design

This fall, advanced DCA students have the exciting opportunity to study Publication Design with veteran DCA instructor, John Beach. John let us know what students can expect and also shared some outstanding student work in the gallery below:

Why is this course important for my design education?
In Publication Design we take an in-depth look at page layout and the importance of using image, color and typography to control how the consumer “reads” a magazine, newspaper, and ultimately, a tablet. It’s like user experience for print. We will closely examine the importance of grid structure and pagination and how it visually holds together a huge amount of information in a way that makes it accessible and entertaining. Everything we learn in this course is truly a foundation for any form of “print,” whether its a magazine, an annual report, a printed book or an e-pub.

What will I take away from this course?
As a learning tool, each student will be required to create their own concept (about almost anything) for a new magazine which they will develop throughout the semester. You will start by doing a naming exercise to name the publication, then develop a branded logo based on target audience. You will then develop a table of contents, multiple department pages, feature spreads, a catalog layout, and of course, a cover. Ultimately, this creates a large portfolio piece that shows a cohesive understanding of how to manage a large amount of information, in a singular style, again using typography, image and color to hold the publication together and facilitate ease of use by the consumer.

It seems like everything is going digital these days.  Will this course also explore e-pubs and whatnot?
This course gives you a strong understanding of how to manage publication typography and image, whether it’s for print or e-pubs. We will examine closely how the trend in print can be applied to tablets (and vis versa) and how user experience plays a large part in controlling the interaction between the page, it’s content and the viewer/reader.

Check out this gallery of student work:


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