Course Spotlight: Design Project Management (online)


Curious to learn more about this popular online elective? Instructor Ken Wischmeyer answers your questions and more:

What makes you passionate about design?

I love the endless creative possibilities that an artist is afforded when bringing together photography, illustrations, typography, and informational graphics in a visual design project.
Design projects also provide opportunities to work on a team and collaborate with other professionals…communicating ideas, solving problems, etc. It is a very dynamic and rewarding process.

Tell us about an especially rewarding project you’ve worked on and why you enjoyed it so much.

One of the best projects I ever worked on was a self-paced, computer-based, course titled Marketing Basics: An Introduction to Marketing Principles. Not only did the project required both print and multimedia graphics, it also had comprehensive instructional design, animation, and programming elements. I utilize the project plan as a quarter-long case study in my online Design Project Management class.

Why is your course, Design Project Management, important for my design education?

Whether you work for a small or large company, marketing or advertising agency, design for print or Web, or work independently as a freelance artist, solid project management skills and a strong understanding of the design process are essential components to a well-rounded design education and successful career.

Do you have a sample assignment?

Yes! Please click here for the final project.

Also, here is an example of a final project from a former student, Karen Zuliani Scaliaris.

And here is a final project from former student, Lacey Hutchison.

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