Course Spotlight: Design III Advanced Design Practice

Our Design III Advanced Design Practice capstone course is where students bring together everything they’ve learned in the DCA program and prepare an outstanding portfolio piece showcasing all the skills they’ve acquired. It’s also an opportunity to work with a real client, as well as to practice collaborating with other designers (your classmates) which is very important, as no design is  created in a vacuum.

Below are two team projects (be sure to keep scrolling for the second one, as they are many pages long!).

This first project, by Daria Trubitsyna and Bonnie Poon is a rebranding of the town Marfa, Texas:


And the team comprised of Michael Bush, Rachel Curtis, Michael McCready, and Dainise Meissner created this rebranding for the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

Michael says:

“Design III  with Alan Robles  was an incredible experience.  He presented us with a unique challenge that no other DCA class had done before or dares to do. We had to develop and design our own single project that lasted the entire quarter. This provided us a more real life scenario as we were able to dive deep into the project and take it to levels beyond what we would do in any other DCA class. Alan showed us in many different ways that design can be applied, such as environmental, wireframe, matrix (research how your design can further benefit their company in ways they didn’t know was possible) and much more. The work level was very suitable for Design III. Was it tough? Yes, but it’s an advance class. It should be challenging! The student should embrace the challenge and should challenge him/herself in the process.”

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