Course Spotlight: Advanced Package Design: Concept to Completion

Award-winning instructor Shirin Raban tells us more:

Why is this course important for my design education?

In this age of digital realm and computers, hand skills can make a huge difference in quality of design. Package design, can be quite complicated in the variety of tasks and skills it requires. Developing an understanding of this process, can be quite helpful in your design thinking and strategy creation in a variety of design fields.

What will I take away from this course?

The goal of this class is to develop an in-depth understanding of the many components involved in package design, and to have a hands on experience in developing an innovative package solution from concept to completion. Your final mocked up package will be created through both team and individual efforts. This is an excellent opportunity to create not only an excellent portfolio piece, but also a case study to showcase your complete process.

Do you have a sample exercise/assignment?

We will make a trip to Whole Foods to find a package that your group thinks can be redesigned to address an environmentally or socially conscious issue related to it. You will work together to define strategies and then, you will each develop your own package including the computer design, aesthetic style and final mockup.

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