Art and Electronics? Can it be done?

It can and it will.

This fall, multi-talented UI designer and Synn Labs co-founder Richard Whitney will bring his considerable skills and ingenuity to the DCA program with a new elective entitled Build Your Dreams: An Applied Approach to Art and Electronics for Designers.  

In this course, you will be guided through the selection and construction of your own project, with tutorials and lectures tailored to the specific interests of the class.  Arduinos, programming, soldering, and electronics will all be covered, bringing these “simpler than they look” tools and resources within your grasp.  As Mr. Whitney writes, projects could include “virtually anything including sensors, actuators, net connectivity, computation, display… the limits are defined by the laws of physics and the motivation of the student.”

This past May, Richard Whitney joined our own Scott Hutchinson to lead a 2-part workshop in Art and Electronics for students at CalArts and SeoulArts.  Using a small computer called an “arduino” and camera, the workshop sought to capture the moments “we filter out of the vast majority of visual information” coming at us each day.


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