The DCA Final Portfolio Review

To complete the DCA program, the last step is a final portfolio review. Here’s what you need to know about it:

We first recommend that you come in for an optional pre-portfolio review with our program director, Scott Hutchinson. Scott will give you critical feedback to help you revise and prepare for the final review. He will also ask you about your career goals and tailor his feedback to help you reach them. You can schedule this anytime by calling 310-206-1422.

Need some inspiration on how to construct your portfolio? Click here to find links to the web portfolios of approx. 15 outstanding DCA graduates.

Each time three students are ready for the final portfolio review, we schedule them back-to-back, 30 minutes each. They are held in classrooms 407 and 408 at 1010 Westwood Center. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure we stay on schedule. When your review begins, you can either 1) sit at the iMac in the front of the room and navigate through your online or USB portfolio (projected over the data projector) or 2) show a physical book or 3) show your work on your own laptop. You are also welcome to do a combination of these options if you’d like. The panel will ask you to briefly describe your design career goals. You then have about 10 minutes to share your work, then the panel takes turns giving you feedback for about 10 minutes (often asking you to return to particular pieces), then there is about 10 minutes of Q&A back and forth, for a total of 30 minutes.

Then you’re done! Congratulations!

We will email you a brief exit interview a day or two after.

Online students: If you don’t live in the LA area, your final portfolio review will be conducted via conference call.

In a rush? In special instances, students can complete the final review here in the office. For example, if you are an international student who must return to your home country soon.

– Kate

Ashley Margo

Ashley Margo

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