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UX adventures with student Aneesha Bharadwaj

We’re thrilled to have launched our new User Experience certificate! In honor of this momentous occasion, DCA and UX student Aneesha Bharadwaj shares some thoughts on her UX education here at UCLAx and images of her projects:

Aneesha with her sensing project, Carpe Energia

Aneesha with her sensing project, Carpe Energia

Tell us about how you got interested in UX and why you chose UCLA Extension.

I have always been interested and curious about what makes good design. Questions like who is the user? what does he/ she like? why am I designing this product for them? why will they use my product? what will they be feeling and experiencing when they will use my product? These are important things I keep in mind and hope to answer with each of my designs.

Having my background in product design and design strategy it was really challenging to create design that engages the user and keeps him/her excited. My prior work experience in India was to get user research for consumer electronics. Find out why the existing product is failing and how our new design could help solve the problems. Then come back to the table after gathering data and map out user journeys. Thats what got me excited and more interested about User Experience because in the end if your user likes your product and continues using it without complains it is successful.

I was fascinated when I saw the variety of courses being offered at UCLA Extension. I am passionate about creating challenging design that enhances user interactions.

2For someone who is new to UX, what should they know about getting started?

They should have an inquisitive mind. Keep questioning themselves why a product/ service/ design out in the market is successful or unsuccessful and how it could be further improved.

Start with ‘Why’. I found Simon Sinek’s TED talk on how leaders inspire actions, starting with a golden circle really good as it states why should always start with “why” we design what we design.

Not feel hesitant about getting feedback for their design. Either from friends/ colleagues or through simple user feedback/ testing. As its important to have several testings done before your product/ service gets launched.

Being updated about new technology and design trends. I get excited with new innovations and how I can possibly use it in my designs.

What was your favorite UCLA Extension class and why?mom's hut

I have taken lot classes at Extension from Visual to UX to Interaction design. The instructors have been inspiring and motivating me to push my limits. I found design with electronics most fun. Playing with Arduino circuit boards and designing user interactions is the most intriguing. To a UX designer you want to hear from your user/s that your design is purposeful and solves the problem what they previously had.

At the end of the day, I want to combine my prior and new skills towards designing a product/ service that keeps my user/s participative and excited with my design.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be designing solutions that have long term impact. Be it digital agencies and design studios where I can keep learning and growing as a designer and focus my skills to enhance better user interactions. I am fascinated by the projects design studios like A Hundred Years work towards.

Great work, Aneesha!

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  1. Gg August 3, 2016 at 8:33 am #

    Awesome AneeshA

  2. john beach September 2, 2016 at 9:08 pm #

    Aneesha, you are a great example of how a passion for your craft can propel you to reach all your goals! Keep it up!

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