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Internship at Green Graphics

Green Graphics and Printing is a graphic and website design studio as well as an eco-friendly print shop. We have a casual and fun work environment in a pleasant atmosphere. The owner is a UCLA Extension DCA grad!

We are seeking a full or part time Graphic Design intern in our Woodland Hills office to gain hands on experience working with an extremely wide variety of projects. We work with both small and large companies and design everything from logos, stationery, postcards, and brochures, to product packing, books, custom die cut collateral and websites and many other different types of projects.

Please note, this is an unpaid internship, (although we usually give our interns a monetary gift at the end 🙂


– Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. Knowledge of InDesign a plus.
– Ability to work in a fast paced environment and to take direction
– Creativity!
– Must love dogs. We bring ours to work, and you can too if they get along with our big pooches!
– We are looking for someone who can work 2-3 days/ week 6-8 hours a day.

What you will do and learn:

• How to properly set up artwork for print and web
• Work start to finish on projects, and you will be allowed the use of some projects that you create to use in your portfolio.
• We never have the same job twice, so you will always have something new to work on!

What we will never ask you to do:
• You will never be made to run errands, get coffee, file papers, or do office work.

We are here to help give you real world experience and teach you tips and tricks you may not have learned in school. We will gladly help answer any questions, and you can even use our laser printer to make nice prints for your portfolio and other class projects, free of charge.

Please email us a resume and/or portfolio to info@gotgreenprinting.com .

AIGA UCLAx Event: Job Search Tips and Tricks

We pride ourselves on having one of the most active AIGA student groups in the city, helping our students connect both to the LA design scene and beyond.

The group is showing no signs of slowing down in 2012, starting the year off with an evening with Jesse Farran,  Director of Staffing Services for Onward Search Los Angeles, on January 18th at our Lindbrook Center building.

Jesse will provide tips and tricks on how to increase your success rate in your job search by appropriately standing out in the crowd.

The event is free and open to the public, though space is limited, so be sure to RSVP at http://jessefarran.eventbrite.com.

Our fantastic poster was created by design student, Noah Suppin. You can see more of his work here.

And if you haven’t already,  stay connected by subscribing to the AIGA UCLAx Google group. Email aiga.uclax@gmail.com to join in.

End of year closure

UCLA Extension will be closed beginning Thursday, December 22nd and will reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. You can still register for courses anytime, as online enrollment will remain open 24/7.

Additional info about Visual Arts programs is available on this blog (look around!) as well as at:




If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them once we’re back.

Winter quarter starts Monday, January 9, 2012.

DCA grad snags 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes at AIGA (Re)Design Awards

It’s exciting enough when a student’s work is recognized in a professional competition, but when recent DCA graduate  Molly Dain Suber Thorpe let us know that she and her employer, softfirm studios, won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes at the AIGA (Re)Design Awards this fall, we were beyond thrilled.

Molly and softfirm submitted three projects in the “Social Responsibility” category as a for-profit firm.

You can check out their winning designs here.

Final Typography Project Shines

When a student forwards me artwork from another student because she is so taken with it, I know I’m in for a treat.

Such was my luck last week when I learned of Shyh-Shiun Jerry Wang’s “dot matrix” assignment from his Typography course with instructor Andrew Byrom.

Students were asked to create a dot matrix alphabet from something they saw around them, and Shyh-Shiun chose to use the UNEX Fall 2011 catalog cover designed by DCA instructor Masaki Koike. The quarterly catalog certainly is a ubiquitous fixture here at Extension, so it was so rewarding to see Shyh-Shiun’s clever reinterpretations:

Typography will be offered onsite as well as online this winter quarter.

Course Spotlight: Typography: Coin Design Workshop

Looking to get out of the classroom and study in a dynamic L.A. design studio? This winter, acclaimed designer John Clark will teach the new two-weekend, 4-unit workshop Typography: Coin Design Workshop at the Looking studio in El Segundo.

Coin casting and prototypes by John Clark. From l-r: aluminum positive casting, urethane positive casting, and wood prototype

We asked John to tell us a bit more about the course:

“This class is a type class at its core.  It has been configured as a coin design class in order to bring in all of the issues of three dimensional type, as well as the additional component of bas relief sculpture.

The class is conducted at the Looking studio in El Segundo. We have two in-house workshops, fully equipped for sculptural and casting work. Students will only be requested to bring their personal tools for measurement, drawing and cutting. A digital camera and sketchbook are also recommended. We have an extensive in-house library for research or reference questions.

From a  process standpoint, this workshop is offered as distinct alternative to a conventional semester class. During the first weekend all students will develop an original concept, and develop a final compositional design by the end of the second day, and will begin their three dimensional positive sculpture. On the second weekend, students will complete their sculpture, create a silicon reusable casting mold, and on the final day cast their coin in solid urethane.

While the studio setting provides many of the practical items necessary to create the work, it is also very important to impart  to students that for many assignments more time does not make the project  better. The group dynamic is intended to let each student learn from one another. The strict class limit of 10 is intended to ensure  that each student gets quality learning time with both the instructor and the other students.

Lastly, quality breakfast and lunches are included, healthy snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend sessions.”

From left, wood positive, silicon negative mold, cast urethane positive

 Here’s what students have to say:

“John was great in providing guidance and new techniques that students usually don’t think about. It was obvious that he is really passionate about design. He was also very open to answering any questions we had about the field of design.”

“Highly effective, almost perfect.”

“John was an excellent teacher. He gave us so much valuable information and experiences. He created a wonderful, nurturing, and interactive learning environment.”

Enroll online or by calling registration at 310-825-9971.

Course Spotlight: Business and Design: The How-To of Making them Work Together

Looking for that competitive, business-savy edge as a designer? Consider taking Business and Design: The How-To of Making them Work Together this winter. We asked instructor Scott Hindell to tell us a bit more about the course:

“At its core, design is about relating to people and responding to human needs. Business is supposed to be the same thing, but it can also become a selfish pursuit to accumulate wealth and power. This often is where the division between design and business begins.
The reality, though, is the business world needs more designers. Unfortunately, many designers are either timid to enter this domain and/or reject the conventional idea of profit over customer satisfaction. However, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive; in fact, the better businesses in our communities are able to achieve both.
Business and Design: The How-To of Making them Work Together demystifies business, and presents the development of a business more in the language and process of a designer. Instead of mistaking business for creating opportunities to make money, this course shows you how business is about discovering and understanding the nature of where people and products/services align for a mutually beneficial relationship.
Many of the tools and exercises in the course play off of the designers existing core skills. For example, in order to identify the right price for your product or service, the easiest way is to visually map the alternatives by form, function and objective.”

Here’s what Scott’s previous students have said:

“Scott teaches a complex subject with a clear, concise, and organized method. He is accessible, patient and communicative. I cannot say enough good things about him as a teacher.”

You can enroll online or by calling our registration dept. at 310-825-9971.

La Guerre des Post-It

Vive la office supply? One of my oldest friends works in the Parisian office of liquid natural gas utility GDF-Suez. Serious business, right? Making decisions that affect energy consumption on a global scale? More like making innovative design decisions on a very local scale, using those ubiquitous blocks of color with the sticky edges, Post-Its.

Here’s a rendition of Marilyn Monroe:

 Here’s Smurfette:


And Gromit, of Wallace & Gromit fame:


The building’s facade gives you a better sense of the scale of the time wasting-ahem-project:


But it doesn’t end there. Neighboring office buildings weren’t going to stand around with stacks of perfectly good Post-Its behaving on their supply closet shelves. Fifty employees of Societe Generale, the bank, stuck 9,000 notes in eight different colors to create a huge six storey representation of Asterix and Obelix:


The take away? The next time you visit your French banker or utilities representative, for a festive and well-received gift, consider preseting him or her with a stack of Post-Its.

Introducing New AIGA UCLAx Student Group President Benjamin Anik

Benjamin Anik

We’re proud to welcome Benjamin Anik as your new AIGA student group president! If you haven’t already, be sure to join the AIGA UCLAx Google group by emailing aiga.uclax@gmail.com.

Here’s a bit more about Ben as well as what’s in store for the AIGA UCLAx community in the New Year:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to the DCA program.
Having gone to Undergrad as a studio artist at UC Santa Cruz, I knew I wanted to be in an artistic field. What led me to the DCA program was that when comparing similar programs at other schools, they all seemed very competitive and I felt that all the students were creating the same projects as one another, nothing unique.
At UCLAx I got the feeling that the program was more about helping me become a better artist and a better businessman. The DCA program not only has you creating a great portfolio, it also gives you experiences that are similar to those you will find once you leave the program. Real world skills with great tools as well as great portfolio pieces. 
Are you focusing your studies in one area or are you still exploring?
With the opportunities at UCLA Extension, I would hate to limit myself to just one field. I make sure I take a wide range of classes that the DCA program has to offer, ranging from Print to Web Design and Photography to Package Design.
When I leave the program I will be able to take on any clients’ design requests because of the many skills I have learned as well as the business experiences I have encountered. 
What can students expect for potential upcoming events this winter?
Students can expect a wide range of events coming up this year. From Group Workshops to help students understand multiple solutions for a single problem, to Field Trips and Guest Speakers that can show the unique perspectives of designers all around us. 
If students have ideas for events or studio tours, how can they reach you?
I am always available by email at BenjaminAnik@gmail.com for any questions regarding the program, teachers, classes, and events. I would love to hear what other students think and hopefully be able to answer all their questions and concerns.
When I am on campus, which is frequent, anyone can feel free to approach me and I will gladly talk with them.

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